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Structural Glazing Tape

Structural Glazing Tape provided, is safe, reliable, recyclable and easy to use. This tape is mainly used on glass assemblies, glass roofs, curtain walls, doors, windows and so on. This tape is weather and U/V resistant and highly impermeable to moisture, vapour and other gases. This tape is used for sealing purposes. Structural Glazing Tapeis very cost effective and safe to use. 

Also Known As The Fabricator's Tape.

  • Extremely Durable.
  • Uv Resistant.
  • To Bond Windows.
  • Bond Architectural Panels Into Metal Frame.
  • Cost Effective Alternative To Wet Glazing & 
  • Mechanical Fasteners.
  • Glass Panels To Metal Frames.
  • Curtain Wall.
  • Commercial Windows.
  • Doors, Skylight & Canopy Systems.

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