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Mirror Mounting Tape

Mirror Mounting Tape

Do you know that mirrors can be easily mounted on the walls without making holes on them? We are providing a Mirror Mounting Tape that is invisible to the eyes and on the wall. It is specifically designed for indoor applications only since it can melt with time in outdoor locations. This Mirror Mounting Tape has a humidity-retardant adhesive that offers a strong grip in humid conditions. It additionally provides a permanent and strong bond on contact. This tap can be applied effortlessly while saving on labor and time. 

  • Precise For Indoor Use Only.
  • Humidity-resistant Adhesive Provides A Powerful Hold In Humid Environments.
  • Delivers A Strong, Permanent Bond On Contact.
  • Hold Mirror To Base Without Screws.
  • Easy To Apply Saves Time And Labour.
  • No More Nails, Glues, Screws, Rivets.
  • No Drilling, No Screwing.

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