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Panamax a name synonym to trust and relation. Little did we know when we the Panamax Family questioned ourselves about what is that single factor that keeps us together, binds us with our customers and differentiate us vis-à-vis our competitors. Together we concluded that it is nothing else but our ability and our passion to live every single day of our life to win the trust of our customers and build a relation with every single of our stakeholder that leads us together to the path of success and prosperity. So, if you ask us what we do or what we can do for you. Our answer is very simple we live every day of our life to help make each one of us a winning and memorable story. So are you keen to become a winner then let’s connect and we assure you that we will have a solution to transform your dream into a reality. As we proudly say "We Make Things Stick". And hence we might be able to stick you as well to your dream.

Little did our Founder Mr. Chetan Singla had an idea about the tiny step that he was taking in 1996 will soon emerge as a giant leap in form of Panamax. It was his sheer perseverance and his passion that has not allowed him to settle until he has put in his vision, his brainchild Panamax on an unassuming path of success and the Panamax family went on to become bigger and better with every passing day since then. As the saying goes that behind every successful man there’s always a woman. Our man Mr. Singla is no exception and all that he could achieve was only possible because of the inspiration and strength that he receives from his better half and our Managing Partner Mrs. Monika Singla. We the Panamax Family are ever thankful to both of them for everything they do helping the Panamax family tree becoming stronger and bigger.

Today we are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of All kinds of Adhesive Tapes. Our expertise includes manufacturing customized industrial adhesive solutions for our esteemed patrons and we take pride being their preferred OEM partner providing one shop solutions to all their needs under one roof. Immaculate Quality standards, impeccable Design and best-in-class Packaging are our engraved customer commitments. And we at Panamax settle nothing less than always exceeding our customer expectations in all matters of not just providing a wholesome customer experience but a service that binds us together for the times to come. And thus, help us build that trustworthy and immortal relation.

To achieve just that we have always been investing in our capabilities whether on meeting world class quality standards to being a frontrunner in adopting advanced technology solutions. All our endeavors have thus been focused upon accomplishing trust of our customers by providing them the best-in-class product experience duly backed up with our forthcoming customer service approach delivered with a smile.

All these interventions have thankfully paid us back by establishing ourselves as one of the most trusted partner / supplier to some of the well-established enterprises and known names within their industrial space of but not limited to Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Automotive Enterprises, Leading Healthcare Organizations, Telecommunication Companies, Leading Hospitality Groups, Major Electrical & Electronics Organizations, Fabrication Companies, Packaging Enterprises and many more. In nutshell we take pride to mention that we are surely one shop solution for all your adhesive tape needs. And we are very excited to serve you just connect.